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Sportsacademy SoFa

The Sporsacademy Sose Fall "SoFa" from FC Wien in Dakar. To give youth talents a chance















AKA FC claims Senegalese championship title (pdf)

Due to a strong start into this season, the AKA FC has taken the lead in the championship table after the penultimate match. This was only the beginning of the team's winning streak. The AKA FC won all matches in the subsequent playoffs and thus claimed the championship title in the National 2 in Dakar.

It is nothing short of sensational, claiming the title in their first year in the league and furthermore being promoted to the National 1 leage.

Thus the AKA FC celebrated its first grand success, having beaten many big named clubs in their league. It is not only the sporty results that will be appended to the archives, though. Each of the clubs achievements contribute to the affirmation of the co nnected projects, the AKA FC represents. ....
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Partners for a sustainable Future
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With the Sportsacademy SoFa, kids and youth taltens should get the possibility to live and play the desire to their favorite sport. That will help to develop their own talents, that possibility and chance they never had before.

FC Wien has started this project with the long term target, to help and develop nescecary Infrastructures in Senegal and if it possible also in other countries which have an interest to raise their exisiting capabilities.

Teacher and Trainer should gain know how for a continuous improvement on the schoolsystem and a should give a good base for large improvements to build up their music and sports Talents in their own country.

actual Scores from the Sportsacademy SoFa Teams

Senegal - Liga Dakar (Juniors - U19)
Donnerstag, 30.04.15 FC Agora - AKA FC 1:1
Freitag, 27.03.15 AKA FC - FC Police 0:0

Senegal - Liga Dakar (Cadets - U21)
Samstag, 10.05.14 FC Camberene - AKA FC 2:0
Samstag, 26.04.14 FC Port - AKA FC 0:0

Senegal - Liga Dakar (Seniors - U23)
Samstag, 20.06.15 FC Khyryalla - AKA FC 0:0
Dienstag, 16.06.15 AKA FC - Dakar Sporting Club 3:1


Sport is a central Instrutment, that helps to gain awareness in a lot of areas in our live,
focused on the teamplay character itself will help us to live with other peoples.

  • Sport reaches a lot of peoples and because of this circumstandes it is the best way to take part of informations, also to get happy with very important topics in our live.

  • Sport is seen as an interface between cultures, formations and life circumstances. Sport will connect us togehter and make a close alliance in living together.



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